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Alessandra Carbonari

My experiences

My past as a diplomat took me around the world, a career that slowly hybridized and turned into event organization. And that’s how I honed my aspirations and, after organizing cultural and diplomatic events around the world, I started working with an Australian wedding organization agency and here I am.
The present? The world of weddings is so vast that, like a good explorer, I wanted to wander, and therefore, in addition to their organization, I deal with the territorial promotion of Umbria as a Wedding Destination. I was the initial Project Manager of Cantine Aperte for Weddings, created by the Wine Tourism Movement to promote holding ceremonies in the historic and beautiful wine cellars of this Region. I am also an official wedding planner and celebrator/ interpreter of the Sposi a Perugia (Marry in Perugia) project of the Municipality of Perugia.
For my weddings, I love to design and craft every detail and propose original and creative solutions.
My experimentation in this sense also moves through the realization of photo shootings that help to provide direction and inspiration to couples. With these photo shoots I totally simulate a wedding, so that I can show every detail of how it could be. I deeply love to recreate and give a different perspective to wedding formats and to themed weddings.
The passion for improvement never leaves me, and that’s how I do Wedding Planning, Etiquette of marriage and table courses, my passions since the start.

Alessandra Carbonari

Coef Eventi Founder

Event Organizer

I have developed a strong capacity in understanding the needs of my clients when they engage me as either a consultant or to take charge of the entire organization of an event. I like to reassure them, to take care of every detail, advise them according to their needs and engage them in each stage of the organization so that every detail can be as close as possible to their expectations. In my numerous trips in different continents I have been fortunate to experience other cultures and customs, to challenge myself with them, and to appreciate them while respecting their differences.

I have organized many different types of events, including diplomatic and cultural events, in these different environments.
In 2004, together with the Università della Tuscia and the Ministery of Cultura, I organised at the National Library in Rome the exhibition and the launching of the book “Verso un mondo nuovo-La scoperta dell’America come nuova genesi” (“Towards a New World – the Discovery of America as a new birth”) and in which I presented my own research contribution.

I was a contributor to the organization of an exhibition of Australian aboriginal art at the Chiostro del Bramante and the organization of the Australian Jazz Festival at Villa Celimontana. In Hong Kong I organized events at the Residence of the Australian Consul-General including for Australia Day, for the Australia Chinese Association, for the visits of Ministers and State Governors from Australia, and even, in a lighter mode, lessons in Italian cuisine.

Wedding & Event Planner & Designer

As a Wedding Planner I have worked for the Australian company, Marry Me Abroad, which assists overseas couples to organise their weddings in Perugia and on the Amalfi Coast and have also acted as interpreter at the wedding ceremonies. I have recently been selected as the trainer for Wedding Planners in a project of the Commune of Perugia called ‘Sposi a Perugia: “felici e informati” (Marrying in Perugia: informed and happy); this is an evolving initiative to strengthen initiatives aimed at encouraging couples to choose Perugia to celebrate “their wedding” and to give, both them and the citizens of Perugia, a service of organization and consultancy.

My passion

From all this experience, I have decided to also dedicate myself to another passion which I have always had – that of “Etiquette”. The understanding of “good manners” is an optimal entry ticket into dealing with many different situations in a natural manner and without embarrassment. I have proved this in my own experience.!
My other great passion is jewellery creation. This was born during my stay in Hong Kong where, thanks to the skill of and inspiration from a Chinese teacher, I was able to appreciate the art of working with precious metals. On my return to Italy I devoted myself to jewellery creation, predominantly in silver and semi-precious stones, combining diverse materials. Thanks to the multiplicity of materials, to putting them in the best combinations and also to my enthusiasm, I succeeded in creating unique jewellery which gives great satisfaction to those who appreciate artisan detailing and who love quality.