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Why Choose an Autumn or Winter Wedding ?
Why when we are in the middle of the Summer are we talking about having a wedding in Autumn or Winter?
It is, in fact, very logical. Both for those who, as is quite common, start preparation for their wedding during the preceding year, or alternatively for those who have decided on a shorter period before their wedding, the months of Autumn and Winter are ideal. We would like to comment on some details and make some suggestions to ensure that nothing is missed and to enrich your preparations with additional ideas.
Remember that choosing a wedding ‘outside of Spring or Summer’ is not a fallback but rather a conscious choice made for good reasons.

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Imagine a fireplace, warm drinks, candlelight, the warm and intense blue, violet and red colours of Autumn leaves and of wild fruits, and perhaps a romantic snowfall.

But there are many other reasons, in addition to the different colours and tastes, to decide to have your ceremony in these less traditional seasons.

From the practical point of view, there will be a greater choice of available dates for your preferred venues and of the best suppliers: the latter may also offer better prices relative to those charged in the traditional peak season.

Your family and friends will also find it easier to be present if the wedding is not held during their normal Summer holiday season.
And for those coming from elsewhere, there will also be special offers for their accommodation.
In addition, the majority of those who marry in Spring and Summer have almost the same styles (obviously still beautiful) of dress, a similar palette of colours and of flowers.

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In Summer you always have to have a Plan B in case it rains or is excessively hot. In Autumn and Winter this is already programmed with indoor venues and you also avoid the stress of wondering whether or not it is going to rain!
An Autumn Winter ceremony offers the chance for you to choose a very distinctive look, made more magical by having the seasonal colours frame your event and your photos. Autumn/Winter colours offer you extremely varied palette, ranging across deep orange, dark reds, through to greens and yellows, to add intensity of colour to offset a “winter’ base tone”.


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Imagine having seasonal flowers and fruits in your bouquet, buttonholes, corsage, and venue decorations: dahlias, freesias, lilies as well as raspberries, blueberries, pomegranates, grapes, apples and chestnuts to cite just a few examples. You can choose how to draw these threads into the overall weave of wedding according to the palette or theme you choose.
Think for a moment of warming yourself in front of an open fire, with a drink of hot chocolate or warm wine.
A useful idea for your guests, imported from the USA, is to have a “wedding bag” which you give to the guests before the ceremony (leave the responsibility for organizing this with your Wedding Planner) and in which you can place small and useful accessories to help them avoid the cold or rain.

wedding bag + riso

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It can also contain the traditional rice or flower petals to throw at the end of the ceremony and maybe it could be personalized with a small hand warmer for those who really feel the cold, woollen gloves, a small folding umbrella or a single use rain coat.

And maybe some small chocolates which will please even the smallest guests.
Set up a small stove to roast chestnuts on demand, a chocolate corner with drinks, sweets and cakes, a tea corner, and a box full of shawls and coats to protect your guests from the cold.

cesta biscotti

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These are only a few ideas, but you only have to ask and to keep following us!

Alessandra Carbonari

Autumn/winter wedding