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The idea was born from diverse motives: not only because Boho Chic is the trend of the moment which will continue for all 2106, but also because I LIKE IT as it leaves the couple very free to conceptualise and to express their own personalities. Second, I wanted to demonstrate to future couples that their dreams or ideas for the Wedding CAN be realized without spending mind-boggling sums of money and thus are achievable. Third, leafing through the glossy magazines of the wedding business many of which are fixed on a specific style, couples find themselves often at the cost of head-spinning sums of money, ending up in a scenario in which they do not belong, because it is so far from their own personality.

I insist: to each his own (style)! I really like it when couples put in place something personal and express their own characters. Not every style of wedding is right for everyone. There is a risk of finding themselves “caged” in a style which does not match their personality, with the result that they are awkward and out of place.

BOHO CHIC WEDDING-44And the Boho Chic style, because of its numerous variations (from neutral colours to those more bright/shining, retro objects, elements which are artcrafts or eclectic do-it-yourself), where the preferred themes are those of nature and flowers, is a wedding in total freedom – recalling the concepts of love, peace, brotherhood and projecting a sense of non-conformism, an atmosphere which is relaxed but not neglected, and with a soul which is a bit Hippy, but Chic and hence elegant.

The Bohemians are deeply romantic, their World is their own creation, and they love to express themselves freely rather than to live in a conformist/regulated style.

I remember that for my own wedding I respected some of the formalities but without forgetting my deepest desire to express my own personality, rejoice in such an important day, and at the same time make everyone involved by creating a welcome and party atmosphere, with music (which I love in its every form) and in which my personality was recognizable.

The Project Phase

After only talking about my ideas for a few hours with two friends, and fantastic collaborators, Francesca Boccabella (photographer) and Nancy Cerroni (communications expert) we had already decided on the photographic services, the best forms of Social Media, decided the day on the basis of the weather (everything was to be held in the garden) then I called other potential collaborators, who promptly joined us – Recidiva for the Bridal Gown, Osteria del Donca for the catering, Tulimà Parrucchieri for the make-up and hair-styling, Umberto Ugoberti for the music, Stile Gioielli for the rings and Casina dei Fiori for the floral decorations. ‘Viva’ the collaboration.
This is something in which I really believe and which I see as important to developing in the region, especially in the framework of providing a wedding organisation service which can propose something both original and professional.
And a test “photo shoot” would provide the ideal occasion to check that these potential new collaborations would really function. Why? Because the scenarios which I had imagined and prepared were put in place in front of all of us and everyone was able to contribute ideas or inspirations.


We started with the creation of the scenes and the set-up.

I had thought primarily of two scenes: one in a very bucolic/romantic style with natural colours, wood, with a backdrops of lace flowers, with orange and green accessories and flowers.

For the other, I had thought of a variation which was a bit more “gypsy” with typical Autumn colours: grape colours with Bordeaux accessories, red and violet with traces of ivy, berries and red branches collected wherever I found them.

BOHO CHIC WEDDING-13Following the Boho Chic philosophy, I started to look around myself to re-use objects which were in daily use or had been forgotten somewhere (wooden benches, the trunk of a tree used as a seat, my wicker garden divan, candles, lunchbox, objects I had accumulated in my travels, textiles, semi-precious stones for my jewellery..), things lent by the Casina dei Fiori, and some others, very few, bought for the occasion.
And I started to create!

For the first scene, I created a backdrops of lace flowers, which picked-up the theme of embroidered flowers on the Bridal Dress from the fashion house Recidiva, which I hung from the branches of our olive plant to make the backdrop for a hypothetical Civil ceremony. For the party favours, I used small candle holders which I covered with jute and on which I stuck knobs of wood in the shape of flowers (to further recapture the theme) and strands of natural and orange raffia. And in each of which I placed a small succulent plant.
For the seating plan, I used the frame of an old picture which I found in the cellar and onto which I stuck other knobs of wood, some strings on which I hung the escort cards with the names of the guests and their seating places.

Schermata 12-2457364 alle 11.27.38

For the bouquet and the coronet? Orange Gerber daisies, olive branches and little wild flowers skillfully interwoven by Casina dei Fiori who also generously lent the accessories: a small chest with feathers, dried oranges, small cinnamon sticks to make the decorations.
For the rest, wood, wicker and my adored glasses!

Schermata 12-2457364 alle 11.38.02

The bride, very well played by Nancy Cerroni from Umbria Donna (who is my communications expert) who was expertly made-up and hair-dressed by Tulimà Parrucchieri in the warm and nude tones required by this style. Her hair, long and down, in soft waves, perfectly reflected the “look” of a Boho Chic Bride.
And on her feet? A game of coloured shoes and bare feet so as to not lose the contact with nature that the Boho Chic bride loves so much.

Schermata 12-2457364 alle 11.42.46

Michele Bellucci, Nancy Cerroni’s companion, lent himself to the game to play to perfection the Bridegroom Boho Chic: a checked jacket, white shirt without a tie, brown trousers and the beard (real) in a perfect ‘Hipster’ style.

The Wedding Rings, from Stile Gioiello for both scenes, were smooth, linear and in yellow gold.

Schermata 12-2457364 alle 11.46.25

And the Wedding Cake: a “naked cake” created by Osteria del Donca Catering, was made of layers and decorated with yellow peppers, pomegranates, berries, pastries and (a touch of fantasy from Flavio) twigs of Rosemary for the top and dried leaves and bark for the base.


Throughout all of this we could not miss the musical accompaniment from Umberto Ugoberti, who with his piano-accordion, his music a bit retro, and his affection, which provided a recurring melody for all the shooting.

Schermata 12-2457363 alle 20.55.48

BOHO CHIC WEDDING-82For the second scene, Atelier Recidiva made available another dress, with simple lines in cream colours, in natural fabric which reflected their commitment to eco-sustainability, without embroidery and with which we could dare to try colours and accessories for my Gypsy bride with a touch of the Asiatic and strong autumnal colours.

I created a backdrops by cutting up strips of ecru (cream) curtain fabric (also forgotten in the cellar) divided by strings of grape-coloured wool. A burgundy velvet used as a rug and covered with leaves and a purple candle.
Gerber daisies, roses, trails of ivy, berries, and all that Nature can offer in this Season for the bouquet and the coronet.

I changed the look for the Bride: her hair gathered in a soft lateral braid intertwined with purple feathers and a make-up which took up the tone and colours of the flowers while maintaining the natural effect. And for the Groom, loose hair down, grey jacket and open tie.

Schermata 12-2457364 alle 11.53.40

For the sugared almonds I used an old wooden Chinese container, originally used to conserve dried fruit; in the various compartments I placed the confetti, with some berries to take up the main theme, and a small spoon.

And for the party-favours? My semi-precious stones, each different from the others, linked on strings of coloured silk ready for the guests who had a wide range from which to choose.

Schermata 12-2457364 alle 12.00.05

Once again you see the “naked” cake, this time with the addition of violet flowers and a feather to give an “ethnic” touch.…


The photography, masterfully undertaken by Francesca Boccabella, allowed me to demonstrate to you the results of this collaboration, with images which fully express the philosophy, style and taste of Boho Chic. The sensitivity, intuition and the seemingly distant glances, have brought to life authentic emotions, the capability to listen and to know how to put at ease the bride and groom who were dressing as models for the first time. No artificial pose but only naturalness.

I would like to thank my collaborators

Francesca Boccabella – Studio Fotografico Boccabella Nancy Cerroni (Umbria Donna) – Communication Expert of Coef eventi Michele Bellucci -Web Communication  Atelier Recidiva Osteria del Donca Catering Tulimà parrucchieri Umberto Ugoberti Casina dei fiori Stile gioiello


A few images from backstage

The time for the make-up: the coordination of style, make-up and hair-styling. The choice of tones and colours for the Boho Chic bride.

Schermata 12-2457364 alle 12.15.10

The external set-up phase. The delicate search for balance between the elements of the scene. To be a Wedding Planner & Designer is also to create moments of sharing and relaxation with collaborators, the control of every detail, and – why not – taking a refreshment in the theme, to put yourself even more in the environment to which you wish to give life.

Schermata 12-2457364 alle 12.22.22

I await you at the next Shooting!

Alessandra Carbonari

Wedding Planner & Designer