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Boho Chic Wedding

This new fashion, which is already popular internationally and is beginning to be started in Italy as well, is an evolution of the country-rustic style of wedding, with the addition of elements of do-it-yourself and eco-sustainability. Rich in extravagant details, softy flowing wedding dresses, jewellery of different types mixed together, wildflowers and feathers, gives the Wedding Couple a relaxed and natural look.
Boho style, drawn from Bohemian, has been at the top for many years and conveys the idea of non-conformism, a relaxed atmosphere, but not ………..with its soul partially “Hippy”. Chic in French suggests elegance. A Boho Chic wedding is therefore both informal and refined at the same time. It’s deeply romantic its world that of its own creations, and a spirit which expresses itself freely rather than being lived in an approved style. The term reflects the non-conventional life-style of artists, poets, musicians and 19th Century actors. The preferred themes are flower-based, colours range from neutral to brighter, the accessories are retro, and the do-it-yourself and artigianal crafts elements are eclectic.
It is a wedding which expresses freedom, recalling the ideas of love, peace and brotherhood which were dear to the Hippy philosophy.
Boho, launched by the model Kate Moss in 2000 and copied by many other celebrities, has today become a real distinct style and a trend.

Because of its multiple possibilities for variation, it is difficult to exactly define the Boho-Chic style. It can vary from one couple to another, can blend other themes such as rustic, vintage, gypsy, romantic, Moroccan, or even a mix of all of these according to your tastes.
What special elements does a Boho-Chic wedding have? It is a style which is free in its shape and practice. You do not have to confine yourself within in any particular style because Boho means a mix of styles, of colours and types of decoration. You can feel free to adopt whatever is best suited to your personality.

See how I have thought about and organised the photo shooting for a Boho-Chic wedding with two variations.
The Boho Chic style allows you to use colours which are completely neutral with the “shabby” look to which you can, if you wish, add coloured flowers and striking details, elements which are retro or even gypsy such as little crowns, jewels, long necklaces, drop earrings, dream-catchers. But do not forget to be always elegant so as to balance the “Chic” aspect; choose ruby-reds tending towards purple, sapphire blue or an intense blue-green.

Coloured vases; decorated bottles; small containers recycled and personalise to hold flowers; feathers, almost essential components in a Boho style wedding, which you can add to to your centre-table, bouquet or use as earrings.

The variations of a Boho Chic wedding can be many but always keep its spirit with those fundamental elements which you must at least reference: the ambiance must be “country”, not too fancy, immersed in nature, with a a scene created by a backdrop of natural fabrics or lace draped on the branches of a tree to give the backdrop for the ceremony; a timber arc or pergola decorated with seasonal flowers and snatches of green leaves; flowers collected in recycled vases; plants; candles, positioned as if by chance; and other hand-made details (place-cards, decorations, menus etc)

Wedding favours with a natural or ecological theme: Vases made from old glass bottles covered with Jute and small decorations of succulent plants; packets of seeds to cultivate; objects you have gathered on your travels or collected which make things more personalised; jams, syrups and organic honey, or a real bar of soap.

Create areas for relaxing with carpets, cushions and various type of fabrics.

Wood is another constant element: recycled benches, old slates or staves used to write the menus or to sign-post the various phases of your event, old and even a bit dusty furniture.

The Wedding Dress should be made from fabrics which are light, soft and fly around, preferably in a beige or champagne coloured natural fibre with some lace inserts (a key element) but not too elaborate. The floral theme is fundamental.

The bride should wear ‘ballerina’ shoes or simple sandals with a low heel (perhaps with an ethnic inspiration) or she could even go bare-footed.

The hairstyle of a Boho Bride should also be natural: hair down or gathered in a soft braid with a coronet of fresh flowers (hopefully wild flowers) which depending on the variations chosen can go from delicate colours to more vivid or even with gypsy or Moroccan ornaments hung around the face.

The make-up should also have a “nude” effect.

The bouquet also follows the eco-friendly philosophy, therefore you are advised to use flowers from the immediate area. This gives a style which is very spontaneous, gives room for creativity, simplicity and above all uses materials which are readily available in nature.

The accessories of the Boho-Chic Bride (for those who normally wear them): thin jewels, necklaces of varying lengths, bracelets, drop earrings, beads, fringes and embroidery.

 And the bridegroom? We should not be under appreciating his “look” which can be inperfect Bohemian style with a few simple arrangements. In respect of his clothes, it would be best to opt for a soft line tweed suit and to choose a colour from grey, forest green or brown.

The shirt could be either of a single colour or a check, with a collar or Korean cut; a bow-tie or a tie with slightly looser knot, perhaps combined with a waistcoat or braces.

In the Button-hole arrange a wild flower, perhaps combined with several feathers.
And of course having an unruly beard and moustache will give a “Hipster” touch.

For the menu, only local and seasonal products, simply and genuinely prepared.
The Wedding Cake must also reflect the theme: no elaborate decoration or glazing, rather opt for a multilevel “naked” cake, rich with seasonal fruits and a dash of fantasy!

The photography is fundamental: choose a photographer who knows how to seize emotions and real sensations and avoid poses which are too artificially “constructed”.

And as an accompaniment throughout the event, must have music which transmits serenity, joy, enjoyment, informality, perhaps with a “beat” and instruments a bit retro.

And for the decoration of your tables Boho Chic?

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