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Rachel & John, in Umbria from America, to exchange only between themselves their promises and emotions, so that this experience will always remain their best memory. They had already married in the USA, surrounded by family and loved ones, but they also wanted to intimately seal this moment. And here they are in the green heart of Italy. I always get excited during the actual weddings, especially where I am the celebrant, but this symbolic ceremony created even stronger sensation for me. When love is so true and so deeply conveyed, one cannot fail but to be even more deeply involved.

Pure romance

Symbolic ceremony

Yes, I do…

In the green of a grove, at sunset

The symbolic ceremony took place among secular trees, in a small grove adjacent to an Italian garden, from which one could see the Villa where the spouses were staying. A simple altar, adorned only by a white tablecloth and flowers: nothing else was needed in such an enthralling setting, where the scenography was entrusted to nature, to the deep shades of green and to the red light of the sunset.


The emotion of waiting

The preparation phase was quite long … the spouses wanted to enjoy every moment and be perfect for the “Yes” moment. Even though they had already gone to the altar and were alone, they were very agitated. While the bride prepared herself taking care of every detail, John re-read his promises by looking at the evocative Umbrian landscapes. Being close to the couple in these moments makes me happier and more grateful for the work I do.

Glamour in total white: our bride

Rachel is passionate about fashion and style, very attentive to current trends. A beige and precious dress because the bride wanted to feel like a princess and ballerina shoes that gave a touch of simplicity. A hairstyle made of waves and drapes to frame a brilliant and made-up face in a refined way.

Elegance and refinement
A dinner for two

Leave them alone

After the ceremony, Rachel and John wanted to take many photos of landscapes and olive groves at sunset, to remember this intimate and wonderful wedding holiday. After the photo tour, I accompanied the couple to their private room and, after a toast together, I left them to enjoy their especially romantic dinner in the elegance of a historical villa.

Love is perhaps the only gaze that is granted to us for eternity…

Photocredits: Tommaso Regni