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Umbria, with its wild and uncontaminated appearance, is often chosen as a context for a love escape. Lake Trasimeno is a habitat that knows how to evoke emotions and well-being and that gives the right intimacy for an elopement. The bride and groom were very happy when I proposed this setting for their wedding, enriched by the traditional appearance given by the presence of boatmen. Blue is the guiding color of this wild wedding in the spirit of spontaneity emphasized by the newlyweds’ look: jeans and blouse + lace mini dress + straw hats.

Informal and intimate


Symbolic ceremony








Yes, I do…

Lulled by the gentle waves

Emotions are sometimes deep ingrained and are not always easy to capture but, if one dives into the right environment, they emerge like fish from the water. This is the concept that led me to set the symbolic ceremony aboard the boats of the fishermen of Lake Trasimeno: the traditional aspect of the daily gestures linked to a territory’s ancient nature and to the wonder of the landscape. These combine to create a response – “Yes, I do” which is full of emotion and will therefore always remain among the best memories of my spouses…. I am sure!

On the lakeside

Pic-nic for a wild wedding

After the ceremony, we want to ensure that intimacy remains the defining theme! I leave the bride and groom to their celebrations on the shore: champagne and traditional foods for Lake Trasimeno – a time on a carpet rug of natural hemp highlighted with blue cushions and with lanterns..

The nymph of the lake: our bride

Put a midi dress in white lace, a low open sandal, a natural make-up and a wreath of flowers on a hair style with long waves … the result ?! A bride that makes us think of the movie “Blue Lagoon”. Blue is in fact the palette chosen for this Elopement: lake, installations and spouses in perfect harmony with the environment.

Natural and fairytale


Promises of love

On a fishing net

The promises of the spouses should not be missed – small sentences and words of love are reflected in notes which I decided to hang on the fish net.

The Lake is the mirror in which our eyes sign our emotions.

Photocredits; Tommaso Regni