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Anyone can choose the theme of their own wedding! Whether it is country-chic, Boho, Classic or re-imaging of the past (why not?) you need to focus on the correct setup, without falling into bad taste or exaggeration. I will say it again, the venue can provide a great inspiration and, from its architectural style and the atmosphere which flows from it, can provide those inputs which create a “unique” wedding.

Recently I was looking for the perfect venue to recreate a wedding in the Great Gatsby 1920s style, refreshed with a personal touch, and I finally found it in Perugia, Umbria ‘the Green Heart of Italy’! his venue gave the green-light, in a fluid and natural way, to the set-up and the sequence of the various stages of the wedding ceremony. I therefore organised a photo-shoot and video so as to show you the re-creation, in my manner, of a wedding in the 1920s style.

The Bride and Groom: Style and Preparation

The choice of the dress, the make-up, hairstyle and jewellery, had to respect the fashion of those years: fringes, sequins, pearls, feathers, and waved hair for the bride; and for the groom, a fitted suit, bow tie and classical elegance. Everything should express a researched and retro taste: for a wedding day which takes you back in time and brings the emotion and authenticity of a period rich in style and glamour.

F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

Dress Code for the Guests 

We know the Prohibition period could often overflow with excesses. I wanted to also recreate for the guests a sparkling mood so I researched the dress styles, hairstyles, the classic make-up slightly sad-looking with pencilled lips, and above all not saving on the details and accessories which can already tell from the first glance the life-style and mannerisms of the ’20s: gloves, lace, strings of pearls, coronets, cigarette holders and feather boas. For the men: a dark suit, hat and cigar.


Cocktail & Food Experience

SLOW Food, with colour and sophisticated style for the palate, all accompanied throughout by champagne served in crystal  glasses. Have a party while awaiting the arrival of the wedding couple.


For any wedding party worthy of its name and to be unforgettable, you cannot forget the musical components. For this theme, and given the special nature of the venue, I chose a classical style, low-toned but made sparkling by the use of unusual instrument such as the Theremin (cannot find a translation for this) which was actually invented around the start of the 1920s.

The arrival of the Bride

The Civil Ceremony

Wedding Cake

Even for the Wedding Cake I thought of two versions, matched to the different table styles and to the two collections of the wedding suite and picking-up the tone of colour and the different styles.

Decor and Set-Up

Starting with the choice of the colours – in two versions gold-black and gold-ivory (the typical palette of the period giving a touch of class and glamour) – we created the graphics for the Wedding Suite of Coef Eventi: the ‘Tableau de mariage’ the set-up of the tables, the style of the wedding favours for the guests and the Wedding Cake. And here is what we arrived at, a double interpretation for a Grand Gatsby Wedding.

Coef Wedding Suite

I am proud to present to you the result from a studio of images and paper products, created to be part of the Coef collection. I do not like standardised products and prefer to “make-to-measure”, and with all the characteristics of the 1920s’-style, a series of original and fashionable proposals.

 Table Setting

For these two versions of the tables, I have used ceramics, candelabra and a stylish service for one and a white-and-gold for the other, enriched with my own artisan-made decorations. For the floral decorations, I preferred to use simple and elegant .pairs of short-stemmed lilies: the elegance of the table is here before your eyes.

Tableau de mariage

In the Billiard Room of the Villa, I have drawn inspiration from its historic scorecard to create myself the escort cards. To make the context even more authentic, I have used the names of characters from the novels of F.Scott Fitzgerald.

Classic Cars of the Era

A 1926 AMILCAR type G

Coef Eventi

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