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Life Long Learning

Ongoing training is a right of workers and everyone, aimed at comprehensive growth in life, both professionally and personally. And as the old saying goes “you never finish learning”. It has to be so to stay in step with (changing) times.
Starting from his meaning, “training” is in reality a process which gives shape to aspirations and attitudes which, to be realised, must be structured through understanding, capability, competence, ability, motivation and professionalism.

Today, however, one talks more often of continuous training or Life-Long Learning. This is a process which the learning with the aims at improving knowledge, skills and competences, which enables one to transform today’s difficulties into opportunities for social, political or economic development. The old rule, that the trade one learns when young is followed for all your life, is not longer true. Learning is a process of continuous specialisation with diverse instances which lead to the modification of, and improvement in, the way one works. Permanent training, understood as both general training and ongoing professional training, can take place in dedicated institution or directly in the work-place, during free time, or during social or cultural activities, anywhere the individual re-awakens the taste for learning outside the formal educational system.

It is a technical-professional or cultural updating which enables everyone irrespective of age, social class or profession to train, learn and grow from both the personal and professional points of view. Permanent training is not only for learning until the end of a particular job, it includes gaining personal and social skills which facilitate the change from one job to another.
This has certainly happen to me: from a Degree in Languages, to post-graduate studies in History and multimedia graphic history, to a Masters DITALS for teaching the Italian language to foreigners. In addition there have been a range of courses covering translation, diplomatic ceremonials and many other skills.

Courses under the Coef Brand


Designed especially for women, but also for men who are increasingly enthusiastic about cooking, who want to add real value to their passion, to spice up the taste and to show-off their cooking skills with perfect table settings and knowledge of how to be convivial, so as to give their guests a complete and unforgettable experience.
Focused on how to arrange the table, to structure a menu (with the collaboration of a Nutritional Biologist), to correctly combine ingredients, to chose drinks which enhance the meal’s character, suggestions on how to “decorate” both the food and the table, and on the special things which must taken into inconsideration to make the guests feel completely at ease. The course may be held in different venues in Umbria and may be supplemented with practice elements such as cooking shows or food photography


A wedding is one of our oldest and most important social events, rich in complexities which have been handed down over time, there may not be rigid rules but rather behaviour and customs which should be followed to respect tradition and good taste. We will show you the guidelines for the correct organisation of the ceremony, whether civil or religious, for the management of the guests and invitations, and for an unforgettable reception. I am also an experienced professional consultant Wedding Planner so in addition to teaching I can also help the wedding couple to organize their most special day so as to match their dreams and hopes.


There has been something of a boom for this profession but it is absolutely not something where one can improvise because the correct organisation of a wedding is a complex event with many components to keep under consideration: the preliminary planning for the event, the bureaucratic requirements needed for the ceremony whether civil or religious, the banquet, the “dressing” of the whole scene, the interaction with different suppliers, and the orchestration of everything before, during and after the ceremony.


I have been chosen as the Official Trainer for wedding planners in Perugia under a regional development project aimed at promoting our Region as a desirable destination for these ceremonies. Because of this, there is an increasing demand for professionals who know how to make the most of our Region and to provide services and guidance to those who are considering holding their weddings in Perugia or it surroundings.
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I have developed a strong understanding the needs of students and therefore prefer to be personally involved and focused on providing a teaching process tailored to the individual’s own objectives.
For me, empathy is the “password” – my personal knowledge of many foreign cultures, of having lived around the world, and experienced teaching in different environments, all has given me the ability to find the best key to transmitting the understanding of a language, and its underlying cultural foundations, in a way which is absolutely necessary for learning which lasts.

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L'apprendimento delle lingue in età infantile

L’apprendimento delle lingue facilita la comunicazione tra i popoli e i paesi ed incoraggia la mobilità transfrontaliera e l’integrazione dei migranti. L’insegnamento di una seconda lingua, quindi, non ha solo una finalità strumentale, ma serve anche ai fini di un arricchimento e di uno sviluppo dell’individuo.