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Umbria Wedding Venues

The region of Umbria is in central Italy, and is an attractive destination for a pleasant holiday. Geographically next door to Tuscany and Lazio, Umbria has long been a favourite destination for foreign tourists who find the other regions too full of their countrymen. The gentleness of the landscape, the still uncontaminated nature and its central geographic position have earned Umbria the name of the “Green Heart of Italy”.

 Umbria is one of the few Italian regions to have no coastline, and its countryside is green and fertile, much of it wooded and hilly. But Umbria doesn’t miss the sea thanks to its water sources, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, natural oases, national and regional parks and important mountain chains. Actually, Umbria is very much appreciated for its diverse landscapes. Nature in Umbria means rhythm, slow pace and quality of life. Nature here is part of the villages, history, people and life style that contrasts with much of today’s modern and stressful pace.

Umbria is a land of water, with lake Trasimeno and its three islands, among the vineyards and hills of the Perugian territory. Lakes Piediluco and Alviano (natural oasis) in Terni, Corbara and Orvieto are perfect locations to practice sports and for all kinds of events and activities, including 4x4 excursions around Perugia giving you unique access to beautiful countryside, old castles, Trasimeno Lake and scenic areas.

Recently, Umbria has been highlighted as the preferred tourist goal by many prestigious foreign newspapers, among them Tim Jepson in ‘The ‘Telegraph’ mentioned the 10 top towns to visit in Umbria (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/destination/italy/97508/Umbria-attractions.html), the New York Times earnestly advised its readers to take their vacations in the “sweet hills and old houses” of Umbria. While in Australia and in the United States, American writer Marlena de Blasi’s new book entitled “An Umbrian Love Story” (published in the spring of 2007) is experiencing enormous success.

Whether you love water, the hills or the mountains, in Umbria you will forget everyday stress and routine, wander through its villages, paths and landscapes, enjoying wine and food tasting, sports and activities.

Today, Umbria implies gastronomic tradition, high-qua1ity everyday products, high-level musical events and the theatrical season. Umbria is also the scene of special events, including the “Festival of The Two Worlds” in Spoleto and “Umbria Jazz”in Perugia, the “Festival of The Nations” at Citta’ di Castello, “Todi Arteurope”, “Todi Festival”, and “Eurochocolate” that made Perugia the “capital of chocolate” in 1995, the European Prize for Touristic Publishing, “Classics Perugia”, as well as both Perugia and Assisi’s antique exhibitions.

Umbria is a land particularly suited to viniculture. Its moderate climate and gentle rolling hills that favour exposure to the sun, all contribute in making such excellent Umbrian wines, produced by the wine growers of the region since ancient times.

If you are visiting Umbria during the months of September and October, you’ll likely be able to see the vendemmia, or grape harvest, and observe firsthand the olive picking and virgin olive being milled.

The splendid Umbrian Nature can be visited at all times of the year. It is fascinating to observe this wonderful landscape where the colours and perfumes change in accordance with the eternal cycle of the seasons: from the verdant green of spring, to the yellow of the grains in summer, to the thousand colours of the leaves in autumn, to the rarefied and magical atmosphere of winter.