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Coef Events is a cutting–edge operator in the organisation of weddings and, in addition to providing wedding planning and designers services, offers you one of the latest modern themes in terms of wedding organisation: Wedding 3.0
In a world which runs on the Web, even the most classic of rituals adapts to the times.

Weddings are becoming increasingly Social and inter-active.
This trend was born and exploded in the Big Apple, as with all the avant-guard themes for weddings, Coef Eventi is the first Wedding Planner in Umbria to offer this service. The first thing you need is a LOGO to use on web-based products and the printed material (e.g. wedding suite) for your wedding. Together we can define the images and theme that you want so as to construct a website-living blog dedicated to every moment of your wedding, and acting as the focal point for telling what happens – before, during and after the ceremony – creating a story-tale wedding .

We could start by telling the history of your love, the engagement and how the proposal happened: with anecdotesphotos and stories from your closest friends, the mother of the bride and others so as to share and make more accessible this history for your guests loved-ones. The webpage will be hosted on the site of Coef Eventi so you can have a web-product without the expense of running it and without time limits.

After this story-telling phase, the website will be used to help you to program the event and can also make easier your organisation. Together we can put all the informationdatestimes and places into an inter-active Google Map so as to plan the routes for the ceremony and reception so as to provide a guide for your guests.

The Wedding 3.0 also emphasises a green and economically conscious approach, leaving only the postage of invitations to the guests. We will create for you a dedicated design to use in your own site and to link for your guests (or via mail on the Social page we will create for your event) which will enable you to respond in the bat-of-an-eye to comments on the page: your will know immediately who will attend without having to wait for a confirmation. They will be virtual attendees!

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We can also create a page of suggestions for the Wedding Gift list, highlighting also ecommerce links to those gifts, for actual stores, or for on-line accounts with travel agents. Using the comments, you can make adjustments in real time and the management of the presents will be much simpler. There will not be any duplication because the guests will know which presents remain.

Menu 3.0: Vegan, vegetarian…
We will help you organise the menu through publishing various menus on the site and, taking into account the comments and preferences, can be aware of the diverse food preferences of your guests.

Social Networks: we can create for you fan-pages on various social-networks Facebook, Instragram You Tube so you can share in real time all the updates and interesting developments as well as the wedding-day photos and videos. Even the guests can share their own content using a specific hash tag we will create for you.

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When the ceremony is over, we will put on the site all the material so that you will have your virtual record always with you!
In 2016 all the future brides and grooms who choose Coef Eventi as their Wedding Planner and Designer will have the Web Wedding Concierge as a gift!