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Organizing a wedding requires time to make the right choices and to cover every detail. To meet the challenges of the months of preparation with serenity, to really enjoy each step towards the wedding and every moment of the day itself, you can have faith in my experience as a wedding planner and event organizer. I can help you with every stage of the organization of your wedding, by devoting my attention to every detail, helping you with the selection of the right venue, the appropriate catering, the menu, the preparation of the venue, flowers, invitations, guest lists, photographers, music, clothes, makeup, hairstyling and everything else you desire. Of course you can call on my help to handle only specific elements of your own organization. All of this support from trusted collaborators will make your wedding even more unforgettable.

You can choose from our range of packets, we can take care of absolutely everything or help you with specific details, and of course we can create a personalized packet which reflects your own needs.

Our Wedding Planner Packages for You!



Searching for the right venue for you including personal inspection
Determining the theme
Organization of the ceremony
Identification and coordination of suppliers
Drawing up the budget
Coordination throughout the day of the wedding



Advising on and coordination of one or more specific services
Carrying out specific and practical details of the wedding (on Request)



Coordination of all the suppliers chosen by the client
(florist, caterers, musicians, photographers etc)
The presence of the Wedding Planner throughout the actual day to ensure that all suppliers perform the agreed services
The Coordinator will not interfere in any way with the style and choices of the client but will take responsibility for the organizational aspects.



A consultancy which helps you manage the details of your event (etiquette, suppliers, services etc) to provide style and avoid problems


Are you planning to get married in Umbria, the ‘Green heart’ of Italy? The COEF’s Wedding Planner in Perugia can help you with the preparation for your special day. Whether you want a Civil or Religious service you will need to meet the legal requirements of Italy.

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We can provide the necessary support for every type of event and ceremonies including Catholic and Civil Weddings, Symbolic Weddings, Blessing & Vows Renewal , Protestant Weddings and Jewish Weddings.

Our services include: Translations & Interpreter Professional translation service for wedding ceremonies in Italy. Civil ceremonies in Italy are performed in Italian but in order to be legally recognized they have to be translated into English by an interpreter. You must have an interpreter unless you have a member of the wedding party who is completely fluent in Italian. The COEF’s Wedding Planner service includes the translator, , who will also assist you during the Declaration (an official presentation of your documents at the Town Hall, usually 2 days prior the wedding).

Assistance With Paperwork Getting married in Italy requires some official paperwork. Let the COEF’S Wedding Planner help you. The documentation necessary varies according to the nationality of the bride and groom and the type of ceremony requested. The COEF’s Wedding Planner can assist you in the preparation of all the documents required. Since getting married in Italy requires both paperwork and appointments with officials let us help you in every step of the way, from translating your documentation to scheduling and accompanying you to appointments. The COEF’s Wedding Planner will assist you once in Italy to get your Nulla Osta and to legalize your documents (if required) at The Prefettura and eventually it is also able to provide you witnesses and interpreters  for your Declaration, Atto Notorio and for  Wedding Day.

Witnesses Witnesses for your Wedding in Italy Are you coming to Italy for a romantic marriage just the two of you? Since Italian authorities require two witnesses to testify your civil wedding, the COEF’s Wedding Planner will be able to provide you with Italian witnesses for your intimate and unique ceremony.

Other Wedding Services To make you feel secure in all your preparations, especially when arranging such a special day from a distance, we can assist you to make sure that every element matches your vision and expectations. You will have a personal dedicated service to manage all the details including:

  • Venue Reception (catering, menu, wedding cake)
  • Accomodation
  • Transportation
  • Beauty
  • Flowers
  • Photography and video
  • Music
  • Wedding favors
  • Guest activities

Contact us for more information and for a preliminary consultation! Write to coef.eventi@gmail.com or call +39 3895529464

We are happy to hold our discussion with you on Skype. In order to ensure each other’s availability, we always schedule the appropriate time by prior email arrangement.

After an initial meeting to get to know you, we can create a tailor-made package for you which reflects your personal style and the budget at your disposition; keeping you involved in each step of the preparations but removing from you the organizational stress so that your special day is a unique reflection of your wishes.
The first step in creating a Wedding day? Let us start from your dreams and wishes.

Who do you want to invite? The compilation of your wedding list is important in the selection of the right venue, avoiding the appearance of its being either too small or too large. But, which location? Think of your dreams: do you want to be married in a castle, or a historic villa, to celebrate in a vineyard reflecting your love of wine and nature, or in a particular location?

Do you want a wedding “party” rather than the classic lunch or dinner? Are you a supporter of eco-sustainability? We can find you a restaurant using local products from their own resources, choose local flowers according to the season, and arrange for their donation to others after the event. Do you love recycling; you could choose a vintage dress either refashioned out of a wardrobe or created in natural textiles..

And for the decorations, there is nothing to worry about. We can create for you fantastic floral arrangements either with recycled but special materials mixed with the new; or we an “origami” wedding where the Japanese art of paper-folding can give a unique touch to the decorations…

Do you want to be able to look again at your wedding photos and video after 20 or 30 years without getting any ugly surprises? The choice of the best photographer is critical for seizing your smile and ensuring the light in your eyes will be seen when viewed from the passage of the years.

Remember that I want to support you in your dreams so that your wedding is both unique and a reflection of your personality.

Web Wedding Concierge

We can also create for you a Wedding using the dynamics of the Web and Social Media.
We can create a Blog of your most beautiful day, including your story, the memories and the details of your wedding to share with friends and family, before or after the ceremony, to keep them up-to-date with the organizational details, and to enjoy together all the moments of the preparations. We can create for you a social profile which will make your wedding an event at every level.

In 2016 all the future brides and grooms who choose Coef Eventi as their Wedding Planner and Designer will have the Web Wedding Concierge as a gift!


Wedding Planning Umbria

Wedding Planning Umbria – Coef Eventi: organization of wedding in Umbria: location, decor, ceremony, party and all watch you need for your wedding day